Slow Drain®

Keeps drain systems free flowing.

Our Instant Power Slow Drain and Build-Up Remover are the environmental solutions to drain maintenance.

Both utilize enzyme/bacterial formulations to dissolve organic material and create a bio-mass to continue cleaning and keeping drain systems free flowing.

Use in sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, garbage disposals & RV’s.

Chemicals: bio-enzymatic

Available Sizes:
1 Liter  •  2 Liters
Download Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) US-SDS NO. 1906, 1907
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Shake well before use.
Apply during period of lowest flow and least usage. Overnight, before bedtime is best. In multi-story dwellings, treat lowest levels of your plumbing drain system first to prevent blockage caused by material released from higher levels.

Drain must have a partial flow for Instant Power to work. If not, use a plunger or other means to alleviate blockage.

In severe cases, a blockage may occur from the release of material from higher levels. This means Instant Power is working. Plunge to restore a partial flow and repeat initial treatment. Do not use in conjunction with bleach, disinfectants or other drain cleaning chemicals.


Directly into drain, pour specified amount every other day until drain flow improves.


For Slow Drain pour 1 tablespoon into each drain every other week.

For Build-Up Remover pour 1 tablespoon into each drain every other week.


Monthly, pour 2 tablespoons of Slow Drain into the toilet, flush once.

Monthly, pour 2 tablespoons of Build-Up Remover into the toilet, flush once.


Use this product on a maintenance program by adding several ounces as directed to prevent drain clogs.

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What is it used for?

It is used to eliminate unpleasant drain odors by digesting odor causing residue, and for regular maintenance to keep drains free flowing.

What is it not used for?

It is not intended for emergency use in opening totally clogged drains.

Can I use this in my kitchen drain?

Yes, it can be used in any drain throughout the household.
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Make it part of your clean routine

Add Instant Power® ECO Clog Preventer to your cleaning routine along with your cleaning supplies. Pour 4 ounces into all your drains and let it sit overnight. Do not rinse. Repeat this procedure every 2 weeks and your drains will stay fresh and clean.

Love Mother Earth

When it comes to our planet, we love it as much as we do a clean drain. That’s why we created this specially formulated blend of microbial enzymes that do a great job of gobbling up all the goop.

Family comes first

Our ECO Clog preventer is safe for families, pets and the earth. The reason? We use enzymes that quite literally eat all the gunk. We use no caustic chemicals in our ECO formula.

Super-charged microbial blend

When we say supercharged, we’re not kidding. We have 4 times the amount of enzymes than any other formula. That means we are very effective in keeping your drains clean and free-flowing.