Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Instant Power products

Eco Clog Preventer:

US-SDS NO. 2205, NO. 2211, & NO. 2213

Hair & Grease Drain Opener:

US-SDS NO. 1969, NO. 1970, NO. 1971 & NO. 1972

Heavy Duty Drain Opener:

Heavy Duty Drain Opener (Grey bottle) SDS 1989, 1990, 1992

Heavy Duty Drain Opener:

US-SDS NO. 1870 & NO. 1871

Hair Clog Remover:

US-SDS NO. 1770 & NO. 1771 – NO. 1400, 1401, 1775, 1776, 1779, 1780

Slow Drain:

US-SDS NO. 1906 & NO. 1907

Commercial Drain Maintainer:

US-SDS NO. 1510

Crystal Lye Drain Opener:

US-SDSNO. 1650

Main Line Cleaner:

US-SDS NO. 1801

Septic Shock®:

US-SDS NO. 1868

Septic System Treatment:

US-SDS NO. 1866

RV & Marine Holding Tank Treatment:

US-SDS NO. 1860

Septic System Treatment Dissolving Pacs:

US-SDS NO. 1852 & NO. 1853



Bio-enzymatic Drain Sticks:

US-SDS NO. 1507

Toilet Bowl Restorer:

US-SDS NO. 18030

Toilet Tank Cleaner:

US-SDS NO. 1806

Disposer & Drain Cleaner:

US-SDS NO. 1501

Extreme Stain & Odor Remover:

US-SDS NO. 2505, 2506

Dishwasher Cleaner:

US-SDS NO. 2701

Washing Machine Cleaner:

US-SDS NO. 2700

Make it part of your clean routine

Add Instant Power® ECO Clog Preventer to your cleaning routine along with your cleaning supplies. Pour 4 ounces into all your drains and let it sit overnight. Do not rinse. Repeat this procedure every 2 weeks and your drains will stay fresh and clean.

Love Mother Earth

When it comes to our planet, we love it as much as we do a clean drain. That’s why we created this specially formulated blend of microbial enzymes that do a great job of gobbling up all the goop.

Family comes first

Our ECO Clog preventer is safe for families, pets and the earth. The reason? We use enzymes that quite literally eat all the gunk. We use no caustic chemicals in our ECO formula.

Super-charged microbial blend

When we say supercharged, we’re not kidding. We have 4 times the amount of enzymes than any other formula. That means we are very effective in keeping your drains clean and free-flowing.