Septic System Treatment Dissolving Pacs

Powerful enzymes help keep systems trouble-free

Instant Power Septic System Treatment Dissolving Pacs contain specially blended enzyme-producing bacteria that help digest household waste, reducing sludge buildup in septic tanks and drain fields. Drop the easy to use treatment pac in the toilet and flush.  Treats septic tanks up to 1500 gallons.

Chemicals: Wheat • Bacillus Blend • Sodium Bicarbonate • Diatomaceous Earth

Available Sizes:
3 Pacs  •  5 Pacs  •  12 Pacs
Download Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) US-SDS NO. 1852, 1853
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General Use:

Use one 2oz pac per month.  Just drop pac in toilet bowl & flush.

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What is it used for?

This product intended to be used to promote a healthy septic tank.

What is it not used for?

Not intended to clear drains that are completely clogged.

What is the shelf life of the product?

Product is active for at least 2+ years.
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Make it part of your clean routine

Add Instant Power® ECO Clog Preventer to your cleaning routine along with your cleaning supplies. Pour 4 ounces into all your drains and let it sit overnight. Do not rinse. Repeat this procedure every 2 weeks and your drains will stay fresh and clean.

Love Mother Earth

When it comes to our planet, we love it as much as we do a clean drain. That’s why we created this specially formulated blend of microbial enzymes that do a great job of gobbling up all the goop.

Family comes first

Our ECO Clog preventer is safe for families, pets and the earth. The reason? We use enzymes that quite literally eat all the gunk. We use no caustic chemicals in our ECO formula.

Super-charged microbial blend

When we say supercharged, we’re not kidding. We have 4 times the amount of enzymes than any other formula. That means we are very effective in keeping your drains clean and free-flowing.