Main Line Cleaner

Clears sewer and lateral lines

Our Main Line Cleaner is a non-acid formulation intended to clear main sewer lines and interior lateral/vertical lines of all obstructions.

This 1 gallon container is intended to be used in one application.

Chemicals: Sodium Hydroxide • Potassium Hydroxide

Available Sizes:
1 Gallon
Download Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) US-SDS NO. 1801
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General Use:

Wear safety goggles and long rubber gloves to protect from possible eruption of Lye. Before using, allow backed up water to drain out. It is best to utilize when facilities are not to be used for 7-8 hours, such as overnight. This product is intended to be used completely in one application. Pour the entire gallon into drain. After 8 hours, flush with hot water for five minutes. If problem persists, a second gallon of Main Line Cleaner may be required. This product may discolor counter tops. Do not allow to come in contact with any material other than drain pipes.


To clear sewer line clogs, add this product to the closest point between the house and sewer line.

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What is it used for?

This product is used to clear sewer and lateral lines

What is it not used for?

It is not used for Septic system treatment.

How much do I use?

On this product it is suggested to use the entire contents for one application.
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