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Main Line Cleaner

4.00 out of 5


Clears sewer and lateral lines

Our Main Line Cleaner is a non-acid formulation intended to clear main sewer lines and interior lateral/vertical lines of all obstructions.

This 1 gallon container is intended to be used in one application.



  • 1 Gallon


  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Potassium Hydroxide

Download Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

US-SDS NO. 1801



General Use:

Wear safety goggles and long rubber gloves to protect from possible eruption of Lye. Before using, allow backed up water to drain out. It is best to utilize when facilities are not to be used for 7-8 hours, such as overnight. This product is intended to be used completely in one application. Pour the entire gallon into drain. After 8 hours, flush with hot water for five minutes. If problem persists, a second gallon of Main Line Cleaner may be required. This product may discolor counter tops. Do not allow to come in contact with any material other than drain pipes.


To clear sewer line clogs, add this product to the closest point between the house and sewer line.



What is it used for?

This product is used to clear sewer and lateral lines

What is it not used for?

It is not used for Septic system treatment.

How much do I use?

On this product it is suggested to use the entire contents for one application.


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1 review for Main Line Cleaner

    5 out of 5

    This product just save me 4k. I had two estimates done by plumbers and was told my yard would have to be dug up.

    But my old neighbor Google information on what works for clogged drains and this product came up I saw this product at Walmart but didn't know if I was purchasing the correct thing so I got something else.

    After having my drain snakes and then snake with a water pressure this product allow the job to get done.

    I'm forever grateful and now I can catch up on laundry. I just wanted to know how often should this product be put down your drain? Thanks

    5 out of 5

    I went through a whole crazy experience with a plumber who told me that there was a break in my drain pipe and he wouldn't get back to me, so I had to call a different plumber who came in and I pointed out to him where the previous plumber said the break was. Long story short, he drilled into the spot and said that there was no break AT ALL, had to call a third plumber who had a leak detector who told me I may just have a terrible clog... Are you kidding me? I"m 1900 into this mess and the second plumber is talking about 4k worth of rerouting my drain pipes. Can't express the stress we were under.

    My brother in law who does maintenance on buildings recommended main line cleaner. He said to just follow the directions and he guaranteed that it would work if its just a clog.

    Guess what, he was right. Poured it down at bed time, waited over night, drained just fine, no issues since and this was in October 2018. I put more in when i changed my clocks in March 2019 and will continue to do that moving forward. Don't call a plumber before you give this a try (even a few times).

    5 out of 5

    I have 2 laterals out to the road, one was blocked 98% to the point I could only take a 45 second shower before water started coming out of my 1st floor toilet. Did some research on this product. Purchased at Home Depot and used as directed at 7pm that night. Opened the stack the following morning, still clogged. 8am that same morning, I put another gallon down the drain and went to work. Came home at 6pm and checked the stack, boom...clear! I know the directions say works in 8 hours, but be patient, the Instant Power will work.