Instant Power Foaming Disposal & Drain cleaner pacs

Instant Power Foaming Disposal and Drain cleaner pacs immediately eliminate odors and provide an in-depth cleaning of garbage disposals and their hidden parts. Over a period of time, grease, soap, food and other materials cling to the inside of your disposal. This accumulation will slow down and constrict the flow in your drainage system and create odors. Easy-to-use, fast-dissolving foaming pacs will digest and break up residue and freshen the disposal leaving a citrus scent. This bio-enzymatic formula contains no harsh chemicals, is safe on all pipes and is even beneficial for septic tanks. Each resealable bag contains 4 turbo action pacs to use as needed for disposal and drain odor control.

Available Sizes:
4 Pacs
Download Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) IP Foaming Disposal & Drain Cleaner Turbo Action Pacs
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