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Toilet Bowl Restorer™

5.00 out of 5

Formulated to instantly remove rust stains and other deposits

Our Toilet Bowl Restorer is an innovative product focused on cleaning your toilet and bringing it back to original performance.

Toilet Bowl Restorer is formulated to instantly remove rust stains and dissolve lime, calcium and other mineral deposits in clogged flush holes.

This allows tank reservoir water to enter the bowl faster during flushing facilitating a more powerful flush.

You will conserve water by eliminating the need to re-flush.

Toilet Bowl Restorer is also safe for use with septic systems.


  • 30 oz.

Download Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

US-SDS NO. 1803




  • While standing over bowl, saturate soft toilet brush with Instant Power.
  • Wipe toilet brush under the rim of bowl forcing cleaner into the flush holes.
  • Wait 15 minutes before flushing. Instant Power will begin to dissolve flush hole mineral deposits. Repeat as necessary with your regular cleaning until flush holes are free of deposits. This will allow water to enter the bowl faster. Your toilet will flush like new!


Distribute Instant Power over the entire inside bowl area with a soft toilet brush. Wait 15 minutes and flush. After use, rinse brush with fresh water.


Do not place on or allow to come in contact with carpet, flooring, other plumbing fixtures, counter tops, or other surfaces. Always secure cap tightly after use.

Do not mix with chlorine-type bleaches or other household chemicals as it can react to give chlorine gas.


Let the product remain in the bowl for at least 15 minutes before flushing. This will give you a better result, and remove more of the deposits.



What is it used for?

To remove stains and mineral deposits from toilets and their flush holes.

What is it not used for?

It is not intended for use in sinks, tubs or showers. It can discolor other materials and surfaces.

What type of brush do I need to use?

You need to use a soft brush, not one with stiff bristles. You need to be able to saturate the flush holes with product.


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1 review for Toilet Bowl Restorer™

    5 out of 5

    Omg I love this stuff. I get 3 or more bottles at a time . It's amazing and gets hard water stains off ..

    5 out of 5

    Best toilet cleaner I've found. The only trouble is I couldn't get the top off the last bottle I purchased. I tried 3 different days. My husband even had trouble getting it off. It took him 2 tries wasn't easy.

    5 out of 5

    A few months ago I too debated buying this product but there was another customer who SWORE by this product that it was the best at removing hard water deposits from the toilet, so I bought it. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!!

    Today, I used it in the bathtub because the hard water deposits were worse than the toilets and again I was not disappointed!! I know it says not to use in the tub but I was at my wits end on how to get t to drain. It was instantly bubbling and sizzling and eating away the deposits and now the tub drains like dream!